Obesity, one word to describe a growing disease in our society, it has in fact become the one stone that has caused an avalanche of problems in today’s culture.  However, obesity did not spread like a viral strain that we couldn’t contain quick enough.  No, it’s quite the opposite.  Instead of taking a stand years ago, we encouraged it and accepted it. We have allowed our children to become so heavy they don’t even have the energy or drive to play on the monkey bars, like when we were kids. What’s worse is we supported this type of behavior or lack thereof. The only thing is, our children did not get this way by themselves, it started at the top.  It trickled down like the dooms of our fate and is now our current reality.

Now, let’s get real deep… Let’s take a journey back in time to our parent’s generation. The working class family, the husband strained his back to bring home the bacon for his wife to attentively cook. The children come in from school and what’s the first thing they would do? You got it, chores. I asked an eleven year old just the other day what his chores were, he replied with, “taking out the garbage”.

Are you kidding me?!

Now let’s jump forward to my generation, this is where things started to go wrong.  Yup, that’s right, I said it. The buck stopped at us. We grew up with technology becoming a worldwide epidemic and because of this people started to want to get their information faster and here it comes, their food faster. Fast food restaurants boomed in the 1980’s, which helped drive the obesity rate from less than 7% in 1970 to quadrupling that number today. It is said by 2020 the rate of obesity in Canada will jump from 25% to 30% according to a report by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

We as adults have become lazy and now our children have become a product of that. It has just become easier to sit them down in front of the TV or a gaming station then to push them outside or god forbid interact with them and play a board game. Perhaps work on their social skills.

In today’s day and age the kids punishment is; no TV and no video games. Do you remember what our punishment was; you couldn’t go outside to play. 

What has happened to the world where we’ve actually allowed this type of behavior to not only happen, but become a way of life and an addiction?

Ceinwen Morgan


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