When I say the word psychopath what do you think of? Do the names Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy or Charles Manson come to mind? What about the person sitting next to you, how well do you know them? Could that person be a psychopath?

An abnormal lack of empathy, but masked with the ability to appear outwardly normal is a common trait for most psychopaths. The detached emotion that they lack is an inability to connect like the average individual, to feel sadness, love or remorse.  A mere one percent of the population is said to have this disorder, with the world population estimated just under 7 billion, that means there are roughly 70 million psychopaths walking this earth. In a room full of 10 men, 3 of them will have psychopathic tendencies and 1 out of 10 women well suffer from this as well. This disorder is said to be a neurological disorder, which is a disorder of the nervous system and present at birth, unlike that of a sociopath which is a disorder formed from trauma such as neglect as a child or a form of abuse.

Now when you meet a psychopath you’ll more than likely be drawn to them, psychopaths have a tendency to make a remarkable first impression. They are very charismatic, charming and will say anything to anyone regardless of the truth of the matter. They have also been known to control others by manipulation, sex, intimidation and violence. A psychopath has the ability to co-exist with the average human; they mimic us and our emotions so that they are able to appear social, unlike in extreme circumstances.

Some studies have shown that therapeutic treatments have little to no positive effect on psychopathic individuals, instead it actually allows them to become more manipulative and better able to hide their behavior. Psychopaths are known to mental health professionals as untreatable and no amount of medication or therapy can cure them.

Among the 70 million psychopaths walking this earth, what number of the 70 million do you think actually know that they are a psychopath? Perhaps at the end of the night when you’re about to tuck yourself into bed you should take a closer look in the mirror, this very well could be you which I described.

Ceinwen Morgan


3 thoughts on “Psychopaths Exposed

  1. Very interesting. I’m thinking many psychopaths may in fact be someone very close to us personally. I believe I’ve known at least one in my life. I also think WikiLeaks is exposing the psychopathic behavior inherent in all government. Especially those that espouse the truth, justice, feedom and democracy. No wonder Assange is in big doo-doo. It’s frightening to say the least. Someone needs to get Steven King on the phone. Isn’t this his territory?

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