Could the teachers strike have come at worst time? Have they forgotten that the economy is struggling to stay above water and that everyday is battle to strive for stability?

We all want more. We all would rather work less and get paid a substantial amount more then we are today, but the economy didn’t ask us what we wanted. Instead it has reflected the delicate state that we’re in. Yet some of our provinces’ teachers feel that this is the perfect time to ask for more.

Teachers have one of the most important positions out there; they get to mold the young minds of today. I don’t believe the students, parents or politicians have ever devalued that and perhaps the teachers do deserve more. I suggest however for teachers take a look at the other spectrum of this situation and they should just be thankful that they have a job. Many individuals have recently lost their jobs across the board due to the state that the economy is in. Those individuals didn’t ask for more money, they just wanted to keep their job so they can pay their bills and put food on their table.

Lead by example? How can students have the chance to learn that everything in life is earned at a progressive rate and if you apply yourself and work hard you will get the results that you’ve been striving for? Their very own Teachers are teaching them that if you don’t get what you want, when you want it, just stop what you’re doing and walk-out. Get what you want by force. As a direct result, students across BC have decided to take a stand in support of the teachers’ strike by walking out of class Friday, March 2.

My intentions are not to lump all of the BC Teachers into one category. I am aware that there are those select Teachers who would rather be in class teaching the young minds of today then standing on the sidewalks asking, “Please sir, I want some more?”


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