My parents have lived in the Ellison area for years now and I can say that one thing that I love about their neighourhood is not only the quiet and peacefulness that envelops this area, but this elderly gentleman who strolls up and down Old Vernon Road almost everyday and every car that passes him, he waves. I know a lot of you are reading my article and wondering what the significance is behind this and I can tell you that there is a great deal of meaning.

When homeowners are on the search, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a property, like the growing number of inventory, the whispers of mortgage rates on the move and the hunger for looking for that steal of a deal property… but there is an underlining that we are all guilty of forgetting about from time to time. It’s about recognizing the beauty in a lot of our Kelowna neighbourhoods and not just worrying about ‘flipping’ a property or how much latent value it possesses. It’s about where your children will grow up and the tree forts that they’ll make or that elderly gentleman that waves at you every morning and for some unknown reason, he makes your day. It’s about seeing the good side of every neighbourhood, because every neighbourhood has one.

I live in the peaceful golf community of Quail Ridge where the worst part of my day is… well actually there is not worst part. Every morning I get to wake up to morning golfers in my safe little community, but I didn’t always live in a neighbourhood like Quail Ridge. Instead, I grew up in the heart of Rutland. I know the majority of people have their preconceived notions of this little community or at one point or another have heard about them, but behind the stigma of Rutland you’ll find their academic programs to be some of the best in Kelowna, the many sports fields it has to offer and for this girl, some amazing childhood memories.

So, from time to time take a moment to look at the softer side of some of Kelowna’s beautiful communities and its hidden gems and remember today counts, so get outside and help your children build that tree fort, take a moment to feel the warmth of the sun on your face, listen to the birds sing and, wave to passing cars.


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